preventing mold growth

Nobody enjoys finding mold in their home. Whether it’s in your fridge, on a basement wall, or along the edge of the shower door, mold is unsightly and also a threat to your health. But how do you go about preventing mold growth and keeping it away? Here are a few tips.

Install and use a dehumidifier.

High indoor humidity makes mold growth more likely throughout your home. Install either a whole-home or a portable dehumidifier, and use it regularly, especially in the summer when humidity levels tend to rise. Your goal should be to keep your home below 55% relative humidity. Aiming for 45% relative humidity is even better. 

Change your HVAC filter more often.

Mold produces spores, and those spores are easily dispersed through the air. Then, if they happen to land in a moist, warm area, the spores develop into more mold. HVAC filters are designed to trap mold spores so they don’t get flung through your home. They work best when you replace them regularly — which means once a month if you use cheap fiberglass filters, and every three months if you use thicker, pleated cotton filters.

Vacuum your home thoroughly.

Vacuuming is another surefire way to clean up those mold spores before they have a chance to grow into mature mold. Make sure you vacuum at least once a week; twice a week is even better. Be thorough, too. Use the wand attachment to vacuum along baseboards, as this is a common place for dust and mold to settle.

Check for plumbing leaks regularly.

Plumbing leaks are a common source of mold. You may not notice a tiny leak unless you go looking for it. So make a habit of checking around the base of your hot water heater, next to the toilet, and beneath any exposed pipes for drops of water. Call a plumber at the first sign of plumbing leaks so you can have them fixed before your building materials get saturated and more likely to mold.

Keep your gutters clear.

The idea that clogged gutters can cause mold might sound a little strange at first. Here’s how it happens: your gutters get blocked, so water runs down the side of your home instead. Then, it seeps into your basement through small cracks or gaps along the basement windows. Then, mold grows in your moist basement. If you clean your gutters twice a year to keep them clear, less water will accumulate near your foundation. Your basement will stay dryer, and you won’t see as much mold.

Run your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans.

Run the fan after taking a shower and when boiling to steaming anything in the kitchen! This exhausts the extra humidity before it has a chance to settle on surfaces and perpetuate mold growth.

Cleaning your home more thoroughly and adhering to the tips above will be helpful in preventing mold growth. Reach out to Hassle Free Home Services if you need help with any maintenance or cleaning demands.