Company History

After more than 15 years working in information technology, Jim Vagonis decided he needed to find a new challenge; one that would reward him both financially and personally. While discussing his future with friends, he struck upon the idea of creating a different kind of home maintenance company to help his customers manage their homes.
By the end of 2002, Jim had created Hassle Free Home Services, Inc. to give customers a single point of contact for all of their home care needs. The basic concept seemed simple: the company would sign customers to annual contracts and provide monthly home maintenance management and repair services. However, creating a true "one call takes care of it all" company required extensive preparation and planning. Jim started by building relationships with qualified vendors who could provide key services such as HVAC, lawn care, window and gutter cleaning, etc. as well as top notch plumbers, electricians and roofers to deal with larger repairs. At the same time, he continued to refine the Hassle Free business model to support his goal of relieving his customers of the burdens of home care.

Jim began introducing Hassle Free Home Services to the community in early January 2003 and within days had secured his first customer. In late August, after a casual conversation at a friend's barbeque, Jim joined forces with Andrew Balfour, an executive in the marketing and communications field. Like Jim, Andrew was looking for something more fulfilling than the typical corporate career had to offer. Together they set about building a comprehensive home management service targeting the greater Washington area.
Today Hassle Free Home Services manages a growing list of homes. True to Jim's original concept, the crews have a "whatever it takes" mentality in dealing with customers' homes and customer service stands as the top priority. No job is too small - whether it's changing 30 light bulbs in a single visit or dealing with furnace filters that have not been changed in years - or too large, including full-scale driveway, roof and window replacements. No matter what is needed, Hassle Free Home Services keeps customers happy and their homes operating efficiently.

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