Jim Vagonis 

Founder and President 

Jim Vagonis launched Hassle Free Home Services Inc. in December 2002 to address the glaring need for high quality home maintenance, repair and improvement services in the greater Washington area. In doing so he married his lifelong passion for home improvement with his desire to launch a business that would make an immediate and appreciable impact on the lives of its customers. The result, Hassle Free Home Services, takes the worry out of caring for one's single largest investment while allowing clients to enjoy their homes like never before. Prior to launching Hassle Free Home Services, Jim spent 17 years in information technology, most recently serving as director of information technology for PG&E's National Energy Group. He now applies the critical skills from his former career, including leadership, team building, problem solving and client service, to ensure that his new customers enjoy a truly hassle free experience. While Jim's professional background has been in information technology, he has been an avid home improver for more than 25 years. Before turning to home services as a full-time profession, Jim undertook such projects as kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling for his relatives and in his own home. Starting at the age of 10, he spent entire summers developing a broad array of home maintenance and improvement skills. Indeed, from his earliest days he developed an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and attention to detail while working in his father's woodshop. In addition to his professional interests, Jim has been actively involved in the Rockville, MD volunteer fire department since 1991 and has risen to the level of deputy chief. When not fighting fires and fixing leaks, Jim spends his time with his wife Pat, daughters Christine and Lillian, and his son Justin.

Andrew Balfour

Vice President, Operations and Owner

A casual conversation at a friend's barbeque in the summer of 2003 led Andrew to a life-changing decision and a new career path. Having spent the previous fourteen years doing project management, marketing and communications work in both the government and private sectors, Andrew was ready for a change. When the tech bubble burst, Andrew found himself between jobs and looking for a new opportunity. A remark to a friend about being the neighborhood handyman during his time off led to a conversation with Jim Vagonis who had only recently gone through a similar transition. A month later, Andrew joined Hassle Free Home Services, Inc. as Operations Manager. From day one, Andrew found his diverse work experience to be a huge asset in confronting the challenges Hassle Free faced as a small start up. When working at the Commerce Department he developed coalition building skills working on inter-agency task forces; while at satellite communications company Iridium, he honed his project management and multi-tasking skills in a high-stress environment; and in his position as vice president with a national technology public relations firm, he managed executive level client relationships and developed an appreciate for the importance of impeccable customer service. In his current role as joint owner and vice president of Hassle Free Home Services, Andrew strives to deliver the same level of executive service to employees, contractors and most importantly to his customers. When not working to grow Hassle Free into a local, and eventually a national, success, Andrew spends time with his wife Tina, daughters Taylor and Drew and the newest family member, Buddy the black lab. He is an avid tennis player and an enthusiastic although highly-mediocre golfer.

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