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About the Hassle Free Home Franchise Opportunity

Frustrated with the impersonal, transactional nature of the home services industry, Hassle Free Home’s founders decided that there had to be a better way to service this huge segment of the American marketplace. By designing the business from the perspective of the homeowner rather than the contractor, they were able to create a truly unique business model the goal of which is to give homeowners a single, trusted source for all of their home service needs. With an estimated size of between $250 and $400 billion according to Gartner, the potential for this customer-centric model is huge.

Hassle Free also presents a unique franchise opportunity. In fact, we do not know of any other franchise system that mirrors this model. Rather than competing with handyman, or cleaning, or painting or any other home service franchise, Hassle Free creates opportunities for those individual services under our comprehensive home management umbrella while eliminating the typical pain points of marketing, billing and collections for our service partners. Because Hassle Free Home franchises have an existing and ongoing relationship with their customers, the transactional side of the business becomes much more seamless and predictable.

The monthly maintenance visit not only forms the cornerstone of the service to the customer but also provides unique opportunities for the franchisee for the following reasons:

  • It gives you a regular presence in the customer’s home and keeps you top of mind while also providing multiple opportunities to show value;
  • It generates predictable revenue year round thereby levelling some of the peaks and troughs that are endemic to the home services industry;
  • It gives you a head start over other contractors when repairs are needed especially because it is often the Hassle Free tech who identifies the issue in the first place;
  • It creates a stable monthly schedule for your techs which serves as a positive selling point when recruiting.

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