November 29

Hassle Free Home Services, Inc. Announces Franchising Joint Venture With Utah-Based Franchise Foundry


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Potomac Business Looks to Expand Nationally

POTOMAC, MD – November 29, 2010 – Hassle Free Home Services, Inc. (Hassle Free) today announced that it is partnering with Franchise Foundry of Orem, Utah to franchise its unique home maintenance service across the United States and Canada.   The resulting company, Hassle Free Home Franchising LLC will handle all regulatory, marketing and sales efforts required to expand the company nationally and plans to launch its sales effort in early 2011.

Hassle Free has been providing its Home Ownership Made Easy (H.O.M.E.) program to Washington-area homeowners since 2003. The service, which consists of monthly preventive maintenance, managed services and a one-stop approach to home care, has changed the way its customers think about maintaining their homes. “The idea from the start was to get homeowners to stop living from project to project and to take a more holistic view of home care,” said Jim Vagonis, President and Founder of Hassle Free. “Our customers have come to understand that we are actively looking out for their homes, and to trust that no matter the issue, we can handle it for them.”

After years of hearing, “that’s a great concept, when are you coming to my area?” Jim and his business partner, Andrew Balfour, decided the time had come to look to other markets. They turned to Todd Taskey of Potomac Business Capital for assistance, and Todd introduced them to Franchise Foundry. “From day one we took a very structured approach to our business, from the systems we use to the way we conduct our maintenance visits to the way our employees and vehicles look,” stated Andrew, vice president of operations and co-owner; “that structure combined with a unique and compelling business model makes Hassle Free an ideal franchise concept.”

Christian Faulconer, CEO of Franchise Foundry, immediately recognized the franchise opportunity that Hassle Free presented. “As soon as Todd introduced the idea to us, we felt that it would make a nice addition to our portfolio and more importantly a smart alternative for businesses or individuals looking for home services franchising opportunities. By providing their services on an annual, contract basis, Hassle Free smoothes the seasonal cycles that make running traditional handyman franchises such a challenge.”

About Hassle Free Home Services, Inc.

Hassle Free Home Services, Inc. was launched with the goal of providing homeowners with a single source for all their home maintenance and repair needs. The company has brought the concept of home management, which was once limited to the wealthiest of households, to a much broader audience. Hassle Free’s core service offering consists of a monthly maintenance program. In addition, the company delivers a comprehensive list of services through trusted service partners to address all of their customers’ home management needs. For more information, please visit or call 301-294-9444.

About Franchise Foundry Franchise Foundry’s unique growth capital and consulting services business model invests in emerging brands to increase growth through franchising. Franchise Foundry partners grow quickly by tapping into an innovative sales and marketing process that consistently produces 3x’s the national franchise sales average. The investment capital is used to leverage an experienced team of franchise experts to build and facilitate the compliance, marketing, systems and sales elements of a successful franchisor. Franchise Foundry is accepting applications for new franchise concept partners.

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