What Do Home Maintenance Services Programs Offer for Maryland, DC and Virginia Homeowners?

A proactive Home Maintenance Services Program should be a strong consideration for many.

Homeowners in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia face unique challenges in maintaining their homes. The seasonality of weather in the D.C., northern Virginia, and Maryland areas certainly does not make home maintenance easy. In the spring, you must prepare your home for the upcoming rainy season. In the fall, you need to prepare for the snow and freezing cold. And then there’s summer — a season when scorching sun makes landscape maintenance a challenge.

Luckily, there is an easier way to maintain your home even with this region’s challenging climate. Enrolling in a home maintenance services program will make sure each part and system of your home is cared for according to the season’s demands.

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Appliance Maintenance

Before summer parties begin, you’ll want to make sure your refrigerator is fresh and clean and your garbage disposal is running well. After a winter of holiday parties, your oven might need a tune-up. Home maintenance services programs contain monthly and seasonal maintenance to keep your appliances in peak condition.

Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing problems can cause thousands of dollars in water damage if not caught early, so your technician will aim to prevent them as a part of your home maintenance services program. They will inspect your drains and clear any that are blocked, inspect and repair broken or leaky toilets, and even clean or replace faucet aerators as needed. Seasonally, they will turn your hose bib on and off so it does not freeze and burst during the first big winter storm.

HVAC Maintenance

In the summer, you rely on your air conditioner. In the winter, your furnace works hard to keep you warm. A home maintenance service will tune-up your systems prior to each change in season to ensure your home stays comfortable.

Grout and Tile Maintenance

Grout and tile can get gross pretty quickly if you don’t take care of them. Your home services technician will inspect and repair sink and tub caulk at the first sign of deterioration. They will also look over shower grout and other tile grout.

Exterior Maintenance

Each month, your technician will also do a basic once-over of your home’s exterior, looking for any big issues. They will repair any damaged exterior caulking, make sure the hose bibs are in good shape, service your garage door seasonally, and inspect the room and gutters as needed. Most home maintenance services will allow you to add lawn care on to your package, too, if you need assistance with this.

Some of these services are performed monthly, and others are performed seasonally as needed. If you want additional services, like pool maintenance, home cleaning, window cleaning, or carpet cleaning, you can typically add them on so you do not have to contact a second company to work on your home.

General Safety and Maintenance

Tasks like checking and replacing light bulbs, testing your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, and lubricating door hinges need to be handled regularly, regardless of weather.

Enrolling in a home maintenance services program is an efficient and effective way to take better care of your home, especially in an area like D.C., northern Virginia, or Maryland where every season calls for different care. Contact Hassle Free Home Services for a quote. 

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