How Much Does the Monthly Home Maintenance Program Cost?

How much does the monthly maintenance program cost?

Owning a home can be expensive, but there are so many ways to keep costs manageable. One approach is to sign up for a home maintenance program through a company like Hassle Free Home Services. Although the idea of paying for a monthly maintenance service may sound like an extra expense, doing so will often save you money in the long run. Our home maintenance programs are affordably priced and will help you save on additional repairs in the future.

Every home is different, and our technicians will base your monthly cost on your specific needs to ensure you’re not over-paying for services you won’t use. Prices start at just $225 per month for the basic maintenance program.  Prices and the length of the monthly visit scale with the size of the home and also with the number of services you include in the basic contract.

To ensure we price our services fairly, our managers will schedule an in-home consultation to get a clear idea of your needs. If you are likely to need any add-on services, such as chimney cleaning or deck sealing, we will give you a clear price up-front.

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What services are included?

When you consider what services your monthly maintenance fee covers, its value becomes clear. During your monthly appointment your service technician will check and maintain drains, change your air filters, clean dryer vents, change light bulbs and take care of small projects that have been sitting on your “honey do” list. Outside the house, we’ll inspect your facing and caulking, and inspect and service your hose bibs. We also provide seasonal maintenance tasks such as winterizing hose bibs, inspecting the roof, and replacing smoke detector batteries.

The program saves you the hassle of having to call separate plumbers, window cleaners, and other experts. Even if you do need additional, larger repairs made, we’re already on-site, so we can perform them more affordably. You never pay for an estimate, either.

How else can the program save you money?

Signing up for a monthly maintenance plan also saves you money by reducing your need for repairs in the future. For example, when your HVAC filter is replaced every few months as recommended, your furnace and air conditioner are less likely to break down. When your drains are cleaned monthly, you’re less likely to have a costly blockage. And when your hinges and door tracks are lubricated regularly, they won’t seize up and require replacement.

Monthly home maintenance programs are affordably priced at just $225 and up, and they can save you money and hassle in the future. To learn more, get in touch with Hassle Free Home Services. Our experts can assess your needs and give you a more specific estimate.

Enrolling in a home maintenance services program is an efficient and effective way to take better care of your home, especially in an area like D.C., Northern Virginia, or Maryland where every season calls for different care. Contact Hassle Free Home Services for a quote. 

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