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Home Ownership – Our Greatest Love, Our Biggest Hassle.


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POTOMAC, Md. – Owning a home fulfills one of our deepest dreams. But owning a home can be a complicated business. Modern homes are complex systems of appliances, wiring, plumbing, construction, heating and air conditioning. And if you have a problem, repairing our homes can be darned expensive.

With our busy lives, not many of us have all the time we would like to keep up with the necessary maintenance and repairs. If you have experience taking care of a home, you’ve learned that if you take care of the little problems now, you’ll have fewer big problems later.

Contractors, what can we say. One of the less pleasant aspects of home ownership. Why is it that they are unreliable, late, expensive and seem to always not show up for your project because they are too busy working on someone else’s? Not to mention surly attitudes and the mess they always seem to leave behind. Sure, there are some great contractors, but if they’re good they are too busy to come to your house.

What if we told you there was a company that takes an entirely different approach to home ownership hassles, home maintenance and repair? There is, Hassle Free Home Services, Inc.

Imagine a nice guy who actually shows up on time, gives you a reasonable, predictable, monthly price and takes care of all those annoying little projects around your home. Not only that, what if we told you that he keeps complete computerized records of all your appliances and can tell you what to do, and when to do it, to avoid appliance meltdown? Imagine a guy who knows all the secrets of home maintenance and who can take care of those small things now that avoid disaster in the future. Imagine having more time to enjoy the things you like and having less worry about your home. Hassle Free Home Services, Inc. puts the fun back into home ownership.

Hassle Free Home Services, Inc., has a unique offering to address the glaring need for reliable, trustworthy and high quality home maintenance services in MontgomeryCounty. Jim Vagonis, Founder and President, wanted to create truly “hassle free” home services for his clients. For one monthly fee, HFHS offers a distinctive service that takes responsibility for all your home maintenance needs, both inside and out.

“No job is too small- whether its changing 30 light bulbs in a single visit or dealing with furnace filters that have not been dealt with in years- we are ready and willing,” states Jim Vagonis, “taking care of small things can prevent future disasters which is why regular maintenance is a must!”

Hassle Free Homes offer annual contracts consisting of monthly home maintenance and repairs as well as the new addition of Hassle Free Home Improvements, which offer the same convenience for larger, one time remodeling projects. The company began introducing its services to the community in January 2003 after building relationships with local vendors and refining their business model to support Jim’s goal of creating lifelong relationships between the company and it’s customers.

Today the Hassle Free Home companies take care of a growing list of homes in the area. Jim and his crew plan to expand to Northern Virginia in the coming months but for the moment you can catch their appealing green trucks on this side of the river.

More information about the Hassle Free Home companies can be found on the web at When Jim is not out improving homes, he can be found with his three kids or as a Captain at the Rockville Volunteer Fire Department.

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