Seasonal Maintenance Services

Weatherstripping TN Plumbing Tuneup - shutoff Fire-CO Detectors Fall Cleanup - Leaves in Gutter

In addition to services provided on a regular monthly basis, the Hassle Free Home Program includes additional services appropriate for each season. Below are overviews of the Seasonal Home Maintenance programs that keep your home ready all year round.

Fall Home Maintenance Services


  • Change Batteries In Smoke/CO Detectors


  • Operate All Windows/Doors
  • Inspect/Replace Weather Stripping
  • Change Furnace Filters


  • Install Storm Windows/Doors
  • Cover House Attic Fan

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Winter Home Maintenance Services

Our Winter Home Maintenance Program includes:


  • Clean Dishwasher Screens/Air Gaps
  • Operate All Interior Water Shut Off Valves
  • Change Furnace Filters
  • Clean Refrigerator Coils
  • Replace Drinking Water Filters

Spring Home Maintenance Services


  • Change Batteries Smoke/CO/Thermostat


  • Turn On Exterior Water/Attach Hoses
  • Operate All Windows/Doors
  • Inspect/Replace Weather Stripping
  • Install Window/Door Screens
  • Change Furnace Filters


  • Inspect/Trim Branches In Contact With House
  • Inspect Roof
  • Inspect Attic For Animals/Leaks
  • Operate Attic Ventilation Fan
  • Uncover House Attic Fan

Summer Home Maintenance Services


  • Service Garage Doors
  • Replace Garage Opener Batteries (need code)


  • Inspect/Replace Washer Hoses
  • Clean Dryer Vent
  • Change Furnace Filters


  • Replace Drinking Water Filters