October 10

Start the Year off Right With This Back-to-School Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall has arrived, and the kids are back in school. With the busy schedule this time of year brings, it’s important that your house is tidy, organized, and poised to support your lifestyle. Your home will better serve you if you’re able to set aside the time and complete this home maintenance checklist for the back-to-school season.

1. Clean Out the Fridge

With kids packing lunches and trying to grab breakfast on their way out the door, you can’t afford for the fridge to be cluttered with mostly empty bottles and expired snacks. Take everything out of the fridge, give it a good wipe-down with water and white vinegar, and then only put back the items you will still eat. If your kids like to make a mess of the fridge, put labels on the shelves to help keep them organized.

2. Organize the Entryway

Your kids will make less of a mess in the entryway if they have a designated spot to put their book bags, coats, and hats. Put any summer items still in the entryway into storage, shake out those area rugs, and give the floor a good scrub to make the whole area sparkle.

3. Put Summer Toys Away

If your yard is still filled with summertime toys like volleyball nets, baseball bats, and sandbox toys, now is the perfect time to put these items away. Your kids probably have less time to play with these items now that they’re in school, and you don’t wand the toys sitting there so long that they get dirty or damaged.

4. Lubricate the Garage Door

With the kids opening and closing the garage door multiple times per day as they leave, come home, and leave again, the hinges can get a bit dry and squeaky. Lubricate them well so the squeaking doesn’t disturb anyone early in the morning.

5. Flush the Water Heater

With everyone trying to take showers and get out the door, your water heater needs to be in peak shape. Connect a hose to the drain tap, and run the hose to a sink or drain. Let a gallon or two of water drain out of the bottom of the tank, which will remove any sediment. Keep up with this maintenance every few months, and your water heater will work more efficiently.

6. Clean the Dishwasher

You don’t have time to rewash dirty dishes in the morning, and nobody wants to open their lunchbox to find a dirty Tupperware. Run your dishwasher empty on the cleaning cycle. You can scrub away any caked-on grime with some baking soda. 

7. Clean the Coffee Pot

The coffee pot has probably gotten a lot of use these past few weeks as you’ve adapted to getting up earlier. Run a pot full of white vinegar through it to clean it, and follow it up with clear water.

Tackle this back-to-school cleaning list, and you’ll be set to go for the semester! Contact Hassle Free Home Services if you’re looking for monthly help with these and other cleaning and maintenance tasks. 

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