May 6

Time for Your HVAC Tune Up?

With the weather finally starting to feel spring or even summer-like, it is time to schedule your heating and cooling (HVAC) company to conduct their spring tune up of your AC system.  Don’t have a contract with an HVAC company?  Well you should, and here are some reasons why:

  • First and foremost, obviously, you want to minimize the risk of losing your AC during the hottest days of summer.  For some this is simply a question of comfort, but for the elderly or infirm it can be a matter of life or death.  By conducting a thorough inspection your HVAC tech can identify and replace parts that are worn or that might be susceptible to failure.  This will eliminate some of the most common causes of AC outages.
  • Even a well maintained system will encounter failures due to weather, power surges and other outside factors.  By having a contract, and a relationship, with a qualified HVAC company you will guarantee a speedy response and will minimize the duration of your outage.  If you contract does not buy you 24 hour emergency service then you probably should look for another provider.
  • A comprehensive maintenance program will keep your AC operating efficiently which will save you money on your ennergy bill while also prolonging the life of your system.  Since replacing your AC will run you several thousand dollars, making the up front investmentt to extend its life is well worth it.
So what should you expect from a comprehensive HVAC tune up?  Our general rule of thumb is that the tech should take about an hour for each AC system in your house.  They should be checking refrigerant levels, temperature differentials, the strength of electrical components such as capacitors and motors, the condion of the evaporator coil, the blower fan and motor, etc.  They should make sure your condensation drain lines are clear to prevent possible flooding.  Upon completing this checklist, they should make specific recommendations as apppropriate for preventive repairs and should be willing to explain why each is important.
While we strongly recommend that homeowners include an HVAC service contract as part of their home maintenance program, it is important to remember that the spring tune up is much like taking your car in for service.  If you do not plan to undertake any of the preventive repairs that the tech recommends, then you will not reap the full value of the contract.  We do not suggest that you accept every recommendation blindly, but remember that the objective of the tune up is to find and address future problems before they lead to a system failure.
Stay cool and have a great summer!

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