Quarterly Home Maintenance

Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter,
we've got you covered.

Our Quarterly Home Maintenance program addresses the necessary home projects that arise with each new season. This is a particularly useful program for new homeowners and busy families and professionals concerned with protecting the value of their home. Each season and each visit, your Hassle Free Home Services manager will coordinate as our technicians carry out the following maintenance activities:

The Hassle Free Quarterly Maintenance Package includes:


Check Fire Extinguishers
Test Smoke/CO Detectors
Test Gas Fireplace

Inspect/Clean HVAC Filters
Drain ½ Gallon from Water Heater
Inspect/Empty Dehumidifier
Inspect/Empty House Vacuum Containers

Inspect/Repair Counter Caulking
Add Rinse Agent to the Dishwasher
Inspect/Clear Drains
Clean/Sharpen Garbage Disposal
Inspect/Clean Faucet Aerators
Add Freshener to the Refrigerator

Inspect/Repair Sink/Tub/Shower Caulking
Inspect/Repair Grout in Tubs/Showers
Inspect/Clear Drains
Operate/Lubricate Bath Ventilation Fans
Inspect/Clean Faucet Aerators
Inspect/Repair Toilets

Inspect/Repair Exterior Facing on House
Inspect/Repair Exterior Caulking


Spring (March, April, May)
Change Batteries Smoke/CO/Thermostat
Turn on Exterior Water/Attach Hoses
Inspect Attic for Animals/Leaks (From Mar thru Apr)
Operate Attic Ventilation Fan
Install Window/Door Screens

Summer (June, July, August)
Clean Dryer Vent
Service Garage Doors
Inspect/Replace Washer Hoses
Replace Garage keypad Batteries (code)
Inspect/Trim Branches in Contact w House
Inspect Roof

Fall (September, October,November)
Change Batteries Smoke/CO/Thermostat
Turn Off Exterior Water/Store Hoses
Install Storm Windows/Doors (From Nov 1st thru Dec 15th)
Operate All Windows/Doors
Inspect/Replace Weather Stripping

Winter (December, January, February)
Clean Refrigerator Coils
Clean HVAC Return Vents
Clean Dishwasher Screens/Air Gaps
Operate All Interior Water Shut Off Valves

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