Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions about Hassle Free Home Services

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Who is the Hassle Free customer?

If your work requires you to be on the road all the time; if your elderly parents are not yet ready to give up their home; if you spend more time in the car to various kid activities than you do in your home or if you never really learned how to be “handy” around the house, then you are a Hassle Free customer.  In short, anyone who craves the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their home is in good hands is a Hassle Free customer.  Regardless of size, homes require time and attention or they will begin to deteriorate.  As the homeowner’s trusted partner, Hassle Free Home Services manages all of the preventive maintenance and repairs needed to keep the home in peak condition.

Our current customer base includes all of the following:

  • Seniors aging in place and in some cases their adult children as well
  • Single professionals
  • Dual income families
  • High-net worth individuals
  • Widows and divorcees
  • Residents of town homes, Cape Cods, mid-size single family homes and large estates.

Do I need a Monthly Home Maintenance Service?

Regular, scheduled monthly home maintenance service makes a lot of sense for a lot of homeowners. Here are just a few reasons:

  • We maintain your major systems and appliances to keep them operating at peak efficiency and to prolong their lives
  • We install energy saving devices like timers, motion sensors and energy efficient lighting to save you money on utilities
  • We keep your family safe by servicing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers and by cleaning your dryer vent line
  • We prevent issues that lead to wood rot and other structural damage
  • We resolve problems with caulking and grout, leaky water lines, clogged drains and other causes of water damage in your home.
  • We identify ways to better weatherize your home and as a result save you money on your heating and cooling bills
  • Finally, we take care of that “honey-do” list for you so you can relax and enjoy your free time.

What is the service?

In a nutshell, Hassle Free Home Services manages your home so that you do not have to. We accomplish that through three basic services: we conduct a monthly maintenance visit during which our technicians handle all of the basic maintenance and minor honey-do needs of the home; we work with service partners to deliver other services needed to maintain and enhance your home, including HVAC service, lawn care, window and gutter cleaning, etc..; and we estimate, schedule and manage larger scale repair or improvement work on your home.

Why should I sign up?

We believe there are three key reasons you should consider joining Hassle Free:

  1. we take care of the preventive maintenance that is often neglected but that is needed to keep your home in prime condition;
  2. we free up the valuable time you might otherwise waste waiting for a repair man or searching the yellow pages for a painter; and
  3. we give you a trusted single source for dealing with anything that goes wrong in your home.

I already have an HVAC service. Would I need to switch?

The additional service offerings are available to you on an a la carte basis – you only sign up for the ones you want. We recognize that homeowners may already have a trusted plumber, electrician or landscaper, and we encourage them to continue to use those folks if they want to. If you decide after your contract has begun that you would like to add a service, we would be happy to accommodate that request.

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