What We Do

The Hassle Free Home Management program forms
a pyramid of protection for your house.

home maintenance pyramid
  • Routine Preventative Maintenance. Our scheduled, recurring maintenance service (available in monthly or quarterly intervals depending on your needs) builds a foundation of protection by allowing us to identify and resolve small issues before they become big ones. 
  • Customized "Add-On" Services. The middle layer consists of the additional services you need to preserve and enhance the value and appeal of your home such as window and gutter cleaning, lawn service, HVAC service, etc. 
  • Major Repairs & Improvements. At the peak we work with trusted & specialized service partners to handle the major repairs and improvements that arise from time to time. 

Each of the layers in our pyramid of protection provide important benefits to our customers.

Preventative Maintenance

The benefit of having a trusted and dedicated service team performing scheduled routine maintenance on your home is that such care can prevent minor issues from turning into major problems. Whether you are an empty nester or a new homeowner, this maintenance preserves the value of your home, prevents unwelcome surprises and frees up your time.

lawn garden add on service

Custom "Add-On" Services

Our "add-on" maintenance services provide you with a dedicated manager to oversee the variety of contractors necessary for such items as gutter cleaning, lawn mowing and HVAC servicing. This single point of contact manages each of these contractors based on your preferences and the specific needs of your home.

Home Project Management

Hassle Free removes the uncertainty of hiring a specialized contractor—such as a plumber or electrician—for an emergency or major home repair or improvement. Our dedicated manager and list of trustworthy and proven contractors helps ensure your large project proceeds smoothly.

Each home—like each customer—has unique needs. This is why our all of our customers are assigned a service team dedicated to them. We combine this personal touch with proprietary customer-management software which notes your preferences and tracks all of the work performed on your home.

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